“kulturdata” was established in 1984 as a high-tech, art -media- and communication platform by richard kriesche, peter hoffmann, werner schmeiser, et al. as a non-profit organisation. in 1996 “kulturdata” was reorganised being a KEG now.. “kulturdata” defines itself as a multiple interface between “art, science and research”, between “technology, media and communication” and between “culture, politics and economics” to their convergence. “kulturdata” is structured by the creative and innovative processes assuming a given connectivity between cultural, spiritual, social, political and economic processes, causing and provoking the globalized society.

“kulturdata’s” institutional partnerships in the fields of culture, economics, politics, science, research

JOANNEUM RESEARCH, graz; ministry of cultural and scientific affairs, vienna; russian space agency (spaceship MIR); ORF, (austrian broadcasting company), graz/vienna/linz; knapp-logistics-automation, graz; AVL-list (automotive simulation and engineering), graz; AMS (austria microsystems international), graz/unterpremstätten; steyr-daimler-puch fahrzeugtechnik (automotive engineering and production), graz; technical university graz (department for computer science, department for robotics); university graz (medical department); STEWEAG (powercompany), graz; IGM (robotics company), wiener neudorf

the founding members of “kulturdata” beyond richard kriesche

peter hoffmann

he is actually the co-founder of “kulturdata”. he exhibited extensively in media art and has been teacher at the “hoehere technische lehranstalt graz”. peter hoffmann created “telematic sculpture 2” – communication projects between styria and slovenia, between graz and ljubljana. he was co-author of many high-tech art events, he was creator of site specific mediaevents and former head of the once important “steirische kulturinitiative”.

werner schmeiser

from his profession werner schmeiser is one of the most important goldsmiths of austria. his structural designs were adapted to large scale artworks in open space. since he has become paralysed, unable to work as a goldsmith any longer, he is pioneering the arts in the context of electronic media.

rudolfine kriesche

studied in economics (mag.rer.soc.oec) and holds a masters degree of advanced studies for european arts and media management (MAS)

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