spheres of art

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multimedia and netinstallation

generating a radical type of exhibition of an exhibition in legacy to the information-, communication- and mediasphere in opposition to the traditional exhibition formats.

  1. for the duration of the exhibition the gallery of modern art „neue galerie“ had been closed completely and legally by a notary.
  2. the mediaproject “spheres of art” took place in a rented tent, in the couft of the closed “neue galerie” in order to express time-based mobility and flexibility in opposition to the shallow stability represented by the “neue galerie”
  3. the „neue galerie“ was guarded regularly by security to make sure that nobody would enter the empty exhibition space. the guards had been equipped with surveillance videocameras to transmit the visual data live onto a large videoscreen into the tent.
  4. a high sensitive sensor system had been installed at the fundaments of the “neue galerie” to detect and transmit the fundament’s vibration online into the computersystem “16 spheres of art” in the tent. the physical vibrations of the gallery’s fundaments interrupted and simultaneously scattered the computer’s flow of information, visualized on the second videoscreen.
  5. for this immaterial exhibition a CD-ROM was produced, the first at and for the “neue galerie” ever. not the arts, but the artproject itself became the artwork in its own right. the CD-ROM „spheres of art“ actually became the true “exhibition of the neue galerie” without ever having been exhibited in it.
  6. production of the „first linear hypertext art book“ for the exhibition’s catalogue.
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